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Current Pricing for many Weaver Brothers Ltd Dry Sump Oil Pump accessories. Prices are subject to change without notice.
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Part #TeethBoreApplicationKeyPrice
1406240.625No Anodize-Vels-Parnelli-CosworthNO$51.13
1457260.500.Team Menard 1/8"$99.07
1457-BSP-25270.500.Team Menard1/8"$112.69
1457-TM-01260.500.Team Menard1/8"$140.45
1458340.562Team Menard1/8"$102.79
1458-BSP-14340.500.Team Menard1/8"$116.41
1458-BSP-15350.562Team Menard1/8"$181.90
1458-Blank350.562No Anodize1/8"$92.98
1676300.984Ferrari OnlyNO$154.80
1973381"Ford 2Ltr OHC Cam Aux.5MM$100.70
201517N/APinned Pulley For Bert Bell HousingNO$41.34
2033240.625(2) Flanges No Drill or Tap1/8"$106.00
2034240.500.(2) Flanges No Drill or Tap1/8"$106.00
1730Single0.625Rear End Pump3/16"$61.93
2016SingleN/APinned Pulley For Bert Bell HousingNO$45.00
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