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 It is entirely possible to make several errors in re-assembling oil pump components. Draw a sketch that clearly represents the oil pump that you are repairing.  Carefully draw on the sketch:

If more than one mount plate with the same external shape is present, be careful! One of  them will have a "crossport" to allow scavenge out oil to pass from one stage to another.  If this crossport is put adjacent to the "pressure stage" you will have zero or low oil pressure and a blown engine!! Separator part numbers 1060 & 1211 may or may not be crossported, depending on the particular pump assembly.  If these parts are assembled wrong, zero or low oil pressure or broken timing belts will occur.  Use the procedure outlined in these instructions, work carefully, noting each part as it is dis-assembled.  Make adequate notes on your sketch so that you can re-assemble the pump exactly as it was before it was disassembled.

Remember to clean all components of the oil system. All your Time. Money, and Effort in repairing your engine and oil pump will have been wasted if you do not make certain that all parts of the system are as clean as possible. Take the time to dis-assemble and clean the oil tank, flush out all limes. clean or replace filters, etc. If you run a oil cooler, have it ultrasonically cleaned.  The extra effort is worth it!!  any debris or engine trash from your old motor will be pumped into the system, thus destroying your oil pump and your new motor!

Weaver Brothers, LTD has published a Pump Repair Book.  It shows a step by step procedure for dis-assembly, repair and re-assembly for a typical WBL Oil Pump.  If you do not have this book please contact Weaver Brothers, LTD and we will send you a copy FREE.

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