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Weaver Brothers, LTD

Weaver Brothers, LTD

WEAVER BROTHERS, LTD. can design and manufacture an oil pump to fit most any racing engine and application from 1 to 8 stages.  Our inventory includes oil pumps from Porsche engines all the way to 700 cu. inch Ford engines.  What we don't stock we can build.  Our oil pumps are easily serviced in the field and every pump comes with and easy to read repair manual. 

WEAVER BROTHERS, LTD. also manufactures and maintains a complete inventory of service parts, Drive Mandrels, Water Pump Pulleys, and many other dry sump accessories.  WEAVER BROTHERS, LTD. provides prompt service on repairs and immediate shipping on service parts. 

  • Right or left side pump mounting 
  • Billet Water Pump Pulleys 
  • Adjustable Water Pump Drive Pulleys 
  • Any length (up to 6") Drive Mandrels 
  • Custom built Drive Systems 
  • Heavy duty Drive Belts 
  • Alternator Drive Kits 
  • Power Steering Drive Kits 
  • Rear end oil cooler pump kits..... 

  • ...Just to name a few things we offer. 
The modern race engine operates in the 8000 to 9000 RPM range,  uses large volume oil coolers and oil pressure to spray oil on the valve springs.  Aluminum blocks need increased bearing clearance and increased oil volume. At WEAVER BROTHERS, LTD. we have answered the demand with our new "SUPER PUMP" Available in 3 or 4 stage versions.  we have designed a special separator plate that creates an internal oil log in the pump. This allows you to install a -16  or -12 scavenge line directly to the pump and eliminates the external oil log. 


  • Increased oil volume 
  • 1.450" pressure body 
  • 1.450" scavenge bodies (2)or(3) 
  • Direct mount to block  (no adapter required) 
  • Body rotated for easier line removal 
  • Uses 255L100 Belt 
3 Stage Pump = P-2131    4 Stage Pump = P-2132 

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